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We hope that you find the enclosed information both helpful and useful during the coming year. Please take time to go over this information with your child.

Welcome aboard! Your driver is a Montana licensed school bus driver, certified through the Livingston School District. The safety of your child is his / her foremost responsibility, which requires the driver’s attention to be on the road ahead at all times.

We ask for your cooperation and support in maintaining good bus discipline. Mutual respect and consideration is essential in sustaining the safest environment for all of our passengers. Please remember that the driver is not responsible for your child, but also for 35 to 65 other children as well. The bus is an extension of the classroom here at Livingston School, so the conduct expected in the classroom will be expected on the bus.

Please feel free to call upon your driver with an questions or concerns that you may have. The bus garage phone number is 222-1784. Your support will help to make this more enjoyable school year for you and your child.

Those of you, who are enrolling their student after the start of the school year, please make sure the arrangements are made. You cannot sign up at the school; you must contact the transportation office, either in person or by phone 222-1784. The service will not start until the transportation office has all the information needed.


VIDEO CAMERAS: are in use on all Livingston Buses for the safety of all passengers.

NOTICE: signs of cameras used are posted in the buses.

SEVERE MISCONDUCT:  This type of behavior may include, but not limited to any type of weapon, any type of drug, vandalism, fighting, and any other type of extreme behaviors. This conduct may result in student loss of transportation services, from three days up to the remainder of the school year.

Livingston School Bus Drivers, will NOT tolerate any behavior that jeopardizes ourselves or our passengers in the safe operation of the Livingston School Buses.

Thank you,
Jerry Heitman
Transportation Director